The Sh*t I dont understand about school.


Scholarships, tuition and loans clones the current holder of the thrones on going

problem debt i want to be able to learn about serenity for the things we cant change 

teach us how to accept we lost hope when we took out religion

dear instructor i am a poet at heart not a medical biller and coder and i just feel

that we are all different and not one above another i guess i want to learn more of english

and and then chronology because if i cant write my own ticket then the vision of wal greens 

will write it for me concocting me only to help build anothers vision like history hyroshima has

nothing to do with nicodemus and the mystery of being born again metaphorically even now i 

you may see lower case i and run ons compacted with nouns slang termonolgy which by the way

english intructor shakespere fathered it teach us to live free in this society with harmony 

like i always say the united nations should get together workout our differences then roll up a sweet

im off topic right you might agree but this is twelve years of questions of the lesson plans

we wake up everyday to repeat if you teach me how to survive in the streets i just might pay

attention without demanding the reciept how about smaller classes for one on one

tutoring and passionate counselors to guide us in the path most congruent to our talents

help us find a way to enhance it help me to chase my dreams without neglecting the almighty

god and faith but to you it is enchanted but to us we need balance not tests on different fractions

teach us the law of attraction, morals, principals not just how this mess we call the economy

came to be so basically i just want to taught how to cope when you have a degree and cant find a 

job still struggling in debt from the very decision i made to "better myself".....


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