More than a Teacher

At a time of indecisiveness, I was lost and unsure.

It was a year when I felt the pressure and anxiety

Of not knowing what I wanted.

I didn’t have any passions, any hobbies or activities

Until I took a class, which ignited my creativity.


It was the first time the adrenaline started to rush.

As the ideas started flowing through my mind

I was producing something that would reach audiences far and wide,

Even if it was just my school, just a couple hundred eyes.


You stood there guiding me through all.

Teaching me the correct camera angles

How to edit effectively

And how to organize when everything was in shambles.


Eventually I became your go-to student for the significant projects.

You placed an infinite amount of trust in me

Which gave me the confidence to create my own concepts

And I escaped my shell and was set free.


You may have not known,

All the family issues at home.

But your presence in my life

Gave me strength to pursue this new found passion.


You didn’t just teach me media and design,

You gave me a completely new perspective.

You helped me develop this new interest

And I am forever thankful and reflective.

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My community


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