Superman Belittles


I sit here in my seat listening to your speal.
Courtesy courses through my veins,
a passive look plastered on my face.
I hate this class I think in my head.
I can’t even focus, not a chance.
I try so hard to be kind to you, but you make it so difficult.
Your stuck up snobbish remarks rub me the wrong way.
How can you stand there all mighty and superior?
Chest puffed out like the almighty Superman.
What makes you think that you’re better than us?
Just because you’ve travel the world, lived your life.
Learned the things that interest you, rather than what you were told.
How can you even compare us to you?
All our lives thus far have been stuck in these ‘plastic’ chairs.
Forced to think a certain way; always your way.
Forced to do certain things they we see no point in,
things that don’t align with what we desire to pursue in life.
When have we been able or given the opportunity,
to even approach your ‘level’, if that is where you want to go.
No matter what we do you will always see us on a lower level.
Is not fair to us when we are forced to endure your class
and be treated as inferior beings.
All I have done is be courteous to you and your job in teaching me.
But your response is lacking and disappointing.
We all are human and no matter what, deserve the same respect;
the same you give to people you consider on or ’above’ your ‘level.’
I am here to learn, to pass the class.
Not to be belittled, I get plenty of that elsewhere. 


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