Am I too black?


Oh there's a lot of shit I want to say to you
I sit in class, with my head held high
Tall with pride, I answer correct questions by using my mind
So why do you seem to divide


From the Class

When we talk about history you always take a glance
when the txt book mentions a black mans name
They mention slavery, and you look my way
to see my face
are you looking for rage?
I wasn't there, to share what they had to bare
I'm the only brown flesh in those desk
And you ask me dumb ass questions like
What rappers are being listened to now?
I wouldn't know how
to describe the self control I use
to not slap the shit out of you

Am I too black?

To know two languages
Play piano
Succeed in my grade
Listen to the Beatles, zeppelin and Metallica

I cant help who I am
You cant help that you're dumb
all the shit I wish I could say to you
but I grew
And accepted you're an idiot
I bid you adieu


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