Oh teacher

Sat, 11/30/2013 - 14:34 -- ZeeB


Oh teacher oh teacher

I look at you and see you

And you look at yourself and see a god

You see someone who thinks they are above everyone else

You make this place your dark castle and whoever questions you is shot down

You look at these students think so low of them

You look at them and think that you are always right

Because you are always right, right?

You are never wrong, right?

You think you are the shining one

The one that’s always in charge

Well yes you are the teacher

But does that mean you are a god?

Does that mean you mustn’t be questioned?

No, no, no


Oh teacher oh teacher

Don’t you see?

This is a place for questions

This isn’t a place where you are always right

You are not perfect and neither are the students

You must tear down your dark castle

Your students are not ignorant you know?

Some of these students will do great things one day I know it

But when they remember you they will either forget you or see you as the monster you are

Is that how you want to be remembered?

If you want to be remembered you have to change your ways

You must admit you're wrong when you’re wrong

When you give all this homework

And ask why you didn’t do it

You must remember this isn’t their only class

And remember that these students not only have other classes

But a life outside of school


Oh teacher oh teacher

I hope you know see the error of your ways

and that know you will change your ways

Tear down that dark castle

and help these students achieve greatness

After all

Thats what teachers are for



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