I See Now You're Not a Stinker, You're a Wreck!

Oh teacher, oh teacher, put your phone away. Don't tell me in your "first day of school teacher tell all" that you are a stickler for the rules, and then text while we sit her and take notes. Oh teacher, yes you with the dress that goes against dress code with its high hem and string thin straps that you covered with a jacket, but then you got hot and took it off. Oh no, no ma'am, not a chance that is prohibited, but you should know that you're a stickler for the rules. You won't let me use the bathroom, because I should've gone before class, well then no I will not be "in charge" while you go "tinkle". And don't get on your soap box about me standing, but not saying the pledge with the rest of the class, if you're going to sit there and reply to e-mails during the pledge. Oh teacher, oh teacher you are no stickler, you are a stinker! Oh, yes, I said it!!! I finally said what everyone else has wanted to tell you since the first day of school, when you came into the class with your less than three fingers wide straps, text your mom to say "good morning!", checked your staff e-mails during the pledge, and then walked over and whispered to that one kid no one even knew went to school with us, "Sugar, will you be a doll baby, and watch the class while I go tinckle real quick?" You Mrs. Jones, Miss. James, Mr. Mack, Ms. Parker, and Mr. Jacks. You all have no room to be incharge, because you break more rules then we do. Going to the parking lot to smoke a cig in your car, spiking your coffee inorder to cope with the children, and cussing out the class slacker. And lastly don't you dare complain about being a teacher, and how bad kids are, and how we won't last a day in the real world. You wont last a day in the real world, that's right all you do is come and give us worksheets and textbook work, and drink your coffee! Oh teacher, you're a wreck, and it's no ones fault except yours. So spike your coffee, escape quickly to your car, and text your mother for moral support. You're not in the real world your in the zoo. And the dophins are out for blood, so yes you can go to the bathroom and cry, I will be in charge. 


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