Dear Mr. Johnson


Dear Mr. Johnson,

I hope you remember

that this day marks a special death in September

Of my best friend Tyler

My best friend ever

who took his own life in a sad endeavour 

I remember the funeral

his family was sobbing

at this cruel mistake of untimely robbing

I remember looking around

asking how this could occur

not knowing the answer until it all unfurled

you lost your job

over accusation

that Tyler told you his plan - and you did nothing to stop it.

It was your duty

as a shepard, our guide,

to report the incident, to save a life

but you did naught

but brush the incident off

and now I'm considering taking the same route

this could be your redemption

a chance to save a life

Dear, Mr. Johnson: I am stepping into that Night. 




You spelled not wrong but other then that good job!

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