The Undecided Path

I’ve stood by my superiors like a soldier,

Standing up and sitting down at their command.

I’ve happily served them, even as I grew older,

As the hourglass sadly filled up with sand.


There are times I’ve thought back to you.

With nostalgia clouding my memories.

In the dawning of a world turning blue,

When I question who was my enemy.


The path before me separates like veins,

With their voices shouting from the entrances.

Every step forward brings pulses of worry and pain.

For all paths, no matter how long, share resemblance.


Now, the time of decision is before me

And the choices all seem incomplete.

Though a career is a path chosen freely,

I find myself at a loss, in defeat.


I cannot place the blame on them,

But it is only my greatest regret.

To hold opportunity like a shining gem,

And have no plan of what to do with it.


The teachers have moved on since,

With my soul backed into a corner.

I’ll make a choice, using my only evidence,

And shout my school motto “Hazard yet Forward”.


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