Fix the System


They ask us to wake up earlier than healthy,they ask us to stay up doing projects, and then ask why we fall asleep in class!They complain if you come to school sick,but don't you dare miss a day, there's no way to win!They talk down to us everyday, but how dare we back talk,Clearly they expect respect to be given in these halls. We can't ask questions without appearing stupid,but yet we're expected to all learn from the same teaching style,And we're supposed learn in this hostile envioment!You can't be angry at the system,or else you are ungrateful,well maybe I am!Excuse me for demanding teachers give us something helpful,and pardon me for asking for help, clearly I'm the stupid one,maybe if teachers could teacher, students could learn!We keep students in school that clearly don't want to learn,only making it hard for those of us who do,they get more teacher time than we do, on parent confrences of course!I can find the area of a triangle,and disect a frog,but I can't buy a house, or get a loan!Teaching subject that are useless,expecting our full attention,when we're about to enter the real world!But that's ok,ship us off onprepared,just like the last genoration,until one of them fixes the system! 


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