Don't Teach Me to be a Hypocrite

Don't teach me to be a hypocrite;

Juding people who don't think what I think,

Labelling people who don't do what I do,

Arguing with people who don't believe what I believe.


Don't pretend it's the right thing.

"We need to be fruit inspectors," is your excuse,

Whatever you call it, it's wrong.

Judgmental.  Hypocritical.  Unloving.


How can you claim to follow a loving God,

Yet be so consumed with proving others wrong?

So set on shoving your religion in their faces?

So blind to the harm you're causing?


Don't teach me to be a hypocrite,

it will give me a bad name.

You give me a bad name.

I love everyone; it's part of the call.


Don't teach me to be a hypocrite.

I hold the label "Christian" with my head held high

Until someone comes along and assumes

"Oh, you're just one of those people."


Don't teach me to be a hypocrite;

I'll show you how I love.

Then you'll be just another hypocrite, 

And I'll be changing the world.



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