Open Your Eyes


In your minds, we're all the same.

We the students, you our masters.

You do no wrong; who are we to blame

When suddenly comes a disaster?

This is not realistic, not at all,

Nevertheless, it's how most of you think.

You see your community, not the fall

That its members can take while on the brink.

Now is the time to change.

You all must open up your eyes,

So things can be arranged

To stop the pregnancies, failures, and suicides.

You see the light that shines from success.

Problems in the shadows, you keep neglecting.

You worship the ones with academic talent excess,

And deny the ones who need protecting.

Make a difference and save our little world

That occurs on every schoolground.

Do it not, the chaos will unfurl;

Even you it will astound.




Lol I just noticed something. The "know" in the third line was supposed to be "no". Oh well.

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