More Than Just a Class

I am one of over 100

You see

You are one of only seven

I see

Five days a week

45 minutes a day

At first, I’m sure you didn’t know my name

At first, I thought it was just another class

At first, you asked, “what is economics?”

And were met with blank stares and vague guesses

But quickly, you taught us more than just economics

You taught me to ask questions

When I am confused

You taught me that crazy analogies and weird acronyms

Are good memorization tools

You taught me that my passions are valid

Even when everyone around me thinks they’re crazy

You allowed me a connection

That even when I emailed you

In the middle of the summer

About my AP exam scores

You responded within hours

With matched excitement

You taught me so many lessons you never intended to teach

And you opened your heart maybe without intending to

You understand what it’s like to have a passion that most people don’t

Because you are a numismatist

Because you are my AP economics teacher

Because you are passionate

About the subject you teach

About your students

So when you ask “what is economics?”

A million answers come to mind

Including my career path, my college major

Graphs and charts, a mess of jokes, and supply and demand

But what I respond with is “my passion”

And that is solely due to you


This poem is about: 
My community


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