Education Consternation

Sun, 03/09/2014 - 21:33 -- kabable


From the day you were born,

you've been feeling vile scorn,

for the future they say is so bright.

The school that you stay in,

The church that you pray in,

Just trying to snuff out the light.

A family of four, and a decent, steady job!

who could want more from a life that's been robbed?

You hated your teachers,

You hated your preachers,

because they taught with an iron fist.

You worked your whole life,

You got that beautiful wife,

What could it be that you missed?

When payday comes along,

you ask what went wrong, 

and to me the answer's pellucid.

They only taught memorization,

they only preached damnation,

The real education has been nothing but elusive.

We should teach the value of logic,

and preach the value of love,

With a reformed education our society will rise above.

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