I balanced my back


In looong grass.

Felt the tickle of butterflies landing on my tummy

And with the dandelions that sway in the field

Intertwined with my hair

Becoming one

we looked up toward the sun with our hearts

Soaking up everything it had to offer

The dandelions and I danced together

Through poetry we had never written

Stumbling over the branches of words


Didn’t know how to write

Through forests of names on the wall as we try to find our own place.

Only to already have one.

The love pouring out of the wise trees enveloped us in words of

“How are you doing”

Every day.

Spoken with fairy-like lightness and ocean deep sincerity.

We knew we could unfold our inexperienced petals and dream.

Looking up to our sun still we

Criticize paper we don’t understand

And swim valiantly through ambiguous waves

And talk about death.

Our sun guides us upward and shows us levels of petals we hadn’t originally seen

He reaches out with arms of rays and photons

Bringing stability to our chaos and safety to our anxious

We have bloomed in your light.

This ending is not a goodbye

But rather a redirection of the visible spectrum

Into the prism of our futures

So we can use your lessons

To create rainbows.


This poem is about: 
My community


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