Excuse Me Miss


Excuse me Miss

Please stop asking me the same questions over and over

I know my assignments are late

I know some things aren’t turned in

Truth is when I get home I don’t want to think about school

Even though I hide it and don’t tell anyone

I get taunted and teased on daily basics in school

I just laugh through the pain

That smile you see is fake

I’m not as pretty as some females

And the boys act like I’m not there unless they want something

They all laugh at me together

And I laugh with them because I don’t want them to see my tears

I hold in the pain to stop myself from resorting to violence

So when I get home I drop my book bag and try to leave the school day behind me

The works you assign to me are memorials

They remind me that I was there and everything that happened

So when I go home I spend time with my son

As a teen mother I don’t have time to think about what happened in school

I have to focus on him

 Have to feed him and change his diapers

Spend time with him so he know he’s loved

Yes he is my motivation to try harder in school

So in my free time I’ll get a few assignments done here and there

I don’t really expect you to understand though

You don’t know how it is to be a ten mother at 15

And having problems at home

While at the same time being made fun of and bullied in school

I have no escape and the stress build up

Honestly sometimes I just block everything out

Because no one understands

And no one will

So excuse me Miss but before you judge try to put yourself in my shoes

Go what I go through…….


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