Cry from the Top


Thoughts run rapid inside my head

filled with words that I never said

So here's my chance to finally show

what I believe our system should know

The best example of course is me

#15 out of three hundred and three

Out of twenty-four hours, I sleep about five

and the other nineteen make me feel so alive

I arrive at school early in my dark green Jeep

to take American Government, or just go to sleep

then the bell sounds and I move to AP Physics

and sit attentively for about 100 minutes

Next is the class for student council members

What we do in there I can never remember

Then AP Calculus; AB, I should say

because technically for Calculus, it's the easier way

Depending on the day, my lunch plans change

Sometimes I eat, other times I feed my brain

On Mondays I'm President of the Senior Class

On Tuesdays I'm playing hard and running fast

On Wednesday I'm Prez again, but for another group

On Thursday I'm a scholar or a Spanish Prez; there's a loop

And then there's Friday, the day that comes last

what I do then depends on my Jeep's gas

But the trend is still the same for days that end in "y"

I'm a leader no matter for who, or what time

AP Economics isn't really that bad at hand

Oops, for AP Lit, two of those words are banned

After AP Lit, my mind has seven minutes to switch

Because the last thing on my schedule is AP Spanish

But my time at the school doesn't end there

Remember, I'm a leader, no matter when or where

So an extra two or three hours to help someone in need

or to work as a Student Council member so keen

On the weekends, one would assume I'm free

But then there's my job to put gas in my Jeep

Only four hours, but it always feels like more

when my Head Manager is the one person there I abhor

At school I feel like the microphone at an auction

When I finally get home, sleep isn't an option

So mentally, I take on multiple thought-process sessions

Anyone looking in my head would diagnose depression

Five AP classes, Student Council and a job

Things a mind juggles, that make my head throb

Listen to these silent cries from the top 5 percent

They shove us these tasks with out our mind's consent

So our psyches have to suffer for what we take on

What do I what changed? Whatever's not already gone.




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