The Drawer

I draw your world, 

But you fill it with color.

Outside the lines love,
Paint it, 
Stain it with your love,
But don’t let it drain away love.
Black and white,
Day and night,
They all blend together, 
Like differences never mattered.
I draw your world with a pen of possibility,
Giving you a world of opportunity 
At your fingertips.
The universe is your canvas, love.
Finger-paint it,
Color in the sidewalks with chalk before a rainstorm,
And don’t be afraid to do it all again the next day. 
You are the star in your world.
You burst with potential.
You shine radiantly with creativity. 
You have the universe to color.
You are the true artist, love.
Paint your universe however you want.
Dream of where you want to be, 
And who you want to be in your world,
Make it your masterpiece.
I am just here to draw it.



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