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the day you left  the world still spun precisely poised in orbit and time. no meteor shower or catastrophic event molested the cosmic drab. the day you left we didn't make the headlines. 
Once I believed in something real Had faith in a love I would feel But that hope I had collapsed and it faded away Drowned in the darkness of another day The hope I had disappeared long ago
Love, Love is defined as a deep affection a willingness, a eagerness, a clarity   
Last Christmas Eve, I met a man who was homelessm he was all alone.I made a serious mistake when I decided to let him stay in my home.My family and I woke up on Christmas morning and we were sad.
Angry at myself That I still don't have the courage to stand up, I fall back down, in this blanket of despair, Way too familiar, Where I feel secure
Once upon a time, Darkness prevailed, Lonliness ensued me, Despair chased away hope.   Once upon a time, My heart was a "black hole," Questioning my existence, "How can I go on?"  
HOMELESSNESS Homeless, they are not seeing me. Some stop and stare in silence They don't have the word to say, but when A child reaches out, her mother pulls away "Do not touch that man!" its his choice to stay.
It's funny how the brain works, Suddenly reminding me of the abuse I unconsciously tried to forget. Leaving me alone with the feelings of guilt and regret.
Many politicians vociferously lie Many politicians either hide or omit the truth Many times, I sit down quietly in a booth
happy valentine’s day to me by debi lyn 02/14/22   I've cared & cared so much; tis true,
A stained glass tragedy A matching crystal ball Tossed much like that of bowling Speeding orbs down God's old rumored hall
Relics of a past life, Displayed on a hidden shelf, Honorably collecting dust.
A new emotion formed out of my mind. A feeling that doesn’t aim to stay in my heart and decay into my thoughts. I used to feel everything all at the same time.They weigh heavy in my mind.Each feeling all were mostly active at the same time I knew
Disgust is in disguise. In the world's crust, it hides. But it’s all on us, we normalize. We adapt to pain to make chains. And no change.
Oh to love love,Yet be stricken by its sharp pain at every end;I find myself stuck in this seemingly unbreakable cycle.I love to love those who I loveAnd then an end comes
  I write or die; not because skill was born inside me rather, flesh, bones even blood, formulate to fail. Begets a sadness worth pity which bores me near,
The tears in your eyes are like steaming rocks on mine.  I cannot tear myself away from what you are feeling, it is too painful and I wish it was I who was suffering. 
It's a sharp crack in the air The grain splits down the middle A thin line that resembles ruptured cement during an earthquake emerging  A violent tremble pierces the air
It springs eternal- is that thing with feathers, exists where there is life... It is what sustains us- after the verdict, the diagnosis... ( though these may be grim.)
i stopped praying the day they buried you with the angel i sent to protect you  
i wish you would hold me  like you hold that glass bottle like its the only thing that can comfort you, the only thing that accepts you,  the only thing capable of keeping your demons at bay
i am not afraid of the burns they are merely proof that i lived
Sometimes she's trapped in a room surrounded by glass, she's dying inside and lets just say the person who put her there, well he doesent doesn't want her to last.
 When everything breaks Everything shatters My heart in pieces Scattered And all the world So beautiful, Yesterday
When the heart is unaware Of the hurting whimpers of despair The nasty wails don't come out loud But manage to get suppressed in a shroud  
 The Mourning Dove 
“Silence” he commanded As he slapped my frozen face I need a meal for my stomach I have not eaten in days Or perhaps it has been longer
Maybe it slips out my ears while I sleep, the part that's connected to things.Maybe a mask of cool skin's growing over me - a little blot of flesh at a time. Nothing in or out.  
Like a flower bright and tall Surrounded by weeds But shines and never hides Making it through Being pulled down to doom  
Weeping Small watery beads fall like tiny diamonds. Glittering as the sunlight sprouts from their surfaces in prismatic tints.
How ironic it is, I remember the sight of you, I hear the timbres of your voice. I’ve known you, For a long while.   How ironic it is, That life gave you to me, Before snatching you away.
My heart was splattered blood red over drab stones gravestone inscription read: here lies the girl who lost her home Her heart and her friend
Life without air is a life without life, dieing in despair is dieing without light, don't stare at the darkest to long it will hurt your eyes when the lights turn on,
Pressed to glass, like fine China, A face I thought at once I knew, The wonder years are all behind her, Ripped apart and birthed anew.  
Why am I the only one? Why don't they give up? I already know how bad I've done But all I say is ‘suck it up   No one cares that's It's hard
Dancing on the floor Singing cheerful songs The world rotates for each movement that is made Stained in vibrant hue are the lights that illuminate the room
Why is my mind so blank? The colors that flash before my eyes, they mean almost nothing to me anymore I used to dance in the soft orange of a sunset wade in the blue waters of the distant ocean
Heart pounding too fast,can't breathe,soul locked in the dizzy cageas I spin to the frequency of the world too fast, too loud.It's all crashing down now.I am TNT lit at both ends,
why do you expect me to be okay? to be okay with your actions, to be okay with what you say i'm not why do you expect me to forget? the words you told me, the words you said i can't
OnceThey loved usNowWe forget the very reason We thought so  OnceThey said they can't live without youNowThat's what they'd rather do
Wanting to explode is an understatment. No matter the countless attempts to change the way I feel, this torment of despair  continues, relentlessly. Will cutting oneself be the solution? What if I violently head 
I have been in the bowels of hell, Witnessed the Devil’s breath And seen the Grace of Angels.
My emotions belong in a cage, Eventually, slowly, hesitantly plotting a war to wage. If I ever let them show, let them out, they’ll raise hell, For the vultures, they ring the dinner bell,
Hope is not a fuzzy feeling. Hope is not rainbows and butterflies and cupcakes. Hope is not soft and sweet relief.   Hope is knowing that you can survive
//   i was your flower.  you watched me grow and admired my beauty all while knowing that you were going to kill me    //
Blood rushed down his arm  Just like tears rush down her face There's fire in his eyes And an overdose in her veins   Lord help these children, they've dot so much more to live for
I tried to be strong But strong is not strong, And crying is not wrong If it happened again I would be weak I would not lie down and take it. I would cry and weep and make it impossible  for you
I didn’t mean to choose this. I didn’t ask to feel like this. But I do. I want to feel like normal people do, but I realized that I just cannot.
Wide-eyed, glassy stare Dazed and confused Reeling, recoiling from possible  Impossibility    Windmills, grassy fields Disappearing Set upon in flames from those leaders
  Such phantoms Accompany no one else   Such time is spent In no other hell     The only light is a tiny spark     Behold; a writer in the dark     Trapped and wrought In a cave so lonely
it is difficult to have loved someone who will never feel the same, because a hopeless love is the emptiest and loneliest love there could ever be. lessons can be learned, however,
I had a dream last night, and it got me thinking about you, You're crying right next to the windowsill, and you say that I don't know how you feel.
Bone crackles Spirits lift When the flame drifts All is lost   No silent tears No silent fears When the smoke clears All is lost   The Earth keeps screaming
Do not say anything, Not even a word. Even if you want me to, I connot ablige. Untill you have seen, My life through my eyes.
Lost...Broken... Wandering in a wilderness of despair, Standing in the shadows of shadows becoming invisible again..The glow of the infidelic sun no longer exists...
To my ex-lover, You were my first real love, My first serious relationship. You taught me how to be in a relationship, How to love, How to be compassionate, How to commit.
What is your fear? We all have fears. Some of us many, Some of us few. I'll tell you mine. You don't have to tell me yours. I'll just let loose my heart, And pray you won't crush it
Speak Ugly empty silence in my chest You painful knot of bitterness Full of regret and accusation Speak Each part inside me that dies
Recycle my thoughts Place them in a box And set them away in the attic. Take the good ones And fog 'em with clouds. Instead bring the cold ones,
my day-dream dresses like you. i just thought you ought to know; nothing i am is true. this stupid mask is all for show; sometimes i can barely see through. right now i can't even make the words flow,
Your smile, the painkillers in my IV, paradise flowing through my veins ,too sedated to stand. My lovely nurse I give you my all and everything I will be, before you put me under, your beautiful face has to be the last thing I see.
Trapped, feeling of emotions that you cannot express. Time breaks down. You see yourself as unwanted flesh that's slowly decomposing into nothingness. If I were to disappear would anyone truly notice?
I try as hard as I can,  to fight this battle, but sometimes I just can’t win,  and the ennui enshrouds me, in its dark miasma.   I have retreated, I ran,  away from the sickening prattle, 
  Some days I am fire, some days I am ice, Some days I am darkness, curled up in vice,  But all days I am human, all days I am me. It is for better or for worse you see.  
    I remember the anxiety during the drive there The way the sweat raced from my forehead to my cheek I remember how that awful place looked like a villain’s secret lair
When moods would come and go And you could never really know What was happening, why you were crying Why it felt like you were slowly dying Inside you felt empty, your heart decayed
you said you understood me; you said once, that you cared. you said the sky was my destiny.  and the stars, a crown in my hair. you told me once, you loved me. to the world it was declared.
my eyes won't get any less redand my heart won't get any less deadif you were to buy me everything in the world,or lay me down in bed
Trapped inside the wrong era. I falleth in love with Enheduanna, Knowing I'll never have courage to speak, doubt is for the weak! Or so I was told by mine own mother.
by Damiam Henry on October 29, 2014. © Damiam Vincent Henry, All rights reserved She gave her life to me. For me. She gave immortality. I felt her love so infinitely, Yet her heart I lost inside the sea.
You caught your breath. Your eyes shifted downwards and upwards and all around the room, as if you were looking for the truth. You pushed your back against the cold wall. You hesitated.
Mechanical gears grinding in a damp room beneath the surface Metal on metal , ear piercing racket , the noise resonates within  Yet remains muted from above
I am the human embodiment of fear and trepidation. My body is a reeking cesspool of panic so I lie awake in bed like an earthworm lay on cement and       rot  
Tip toeing the trail of self destruction Teetering on the edge on insanity Submerged my soul in sulfuric acid Sewed my eyes shut from reality It's over when you can't break down
It’s funny how much I’ve changed.  I’m 14 years old, sitting in my room, now surrounded by white. White sheets pinned to the walls, white carpet, white dresser. They were blue once, but that has been drained away.
I cant do this anymore, Death is knocking upon my door. I cut deeper and deeper, I see the eyes of the real Grim Reaper.   I wield my blade like a weapon in defense,
Does anyone care what goes on in the world? With people that hunger and need much care? They have bloated stomachs and legs all curled, All shriveled, yet young, and entirely bare.  
Hello. You were wearing a red coat under the blazing heat of the sun that day. You were running past them, past everything, too.
Something cracked, and my fake smile began to falter, A voice spoke, but the noise deflected, Reflected by the wood and stone of an imaginary altar, But mental images are always dissolving,
My highest aspirations  The ones I hope no longer to be dreams  Threatening with apparitions  Visible and dark beams  Coming to induce fear or perhaps redeem  Sweeping away the emptiness 
Emotional healing and heartache, /  Her Mother coddle her as if she was /  Seven years old, /  Red plump cheeks, /  Streams of water spilled down /  Hitting the tongue in a form of /  A salty back-slap of /  Betrayal for not being able to /   Hold
Quickly fell I down the pit of despair But at the bottom, I saw a light. At the end of this tunnel of storms, as I found, The new day brought peace and delight.   Why at first did it seem like a pit?
When he came into my life Everything changed like never before I became someone I despised I dressed differently I stopped talking to the people around me I even strayed away from my classes
What does tomorrow hold?This is the question often asked, but still yet has not been answered. What does tomorrow hold? Let's stop and take a gander. What does tomorrow hold but broken dreams and forgotten promises. What does tomorrow hold? … I'll
Life may be still Sometimes even ill There is darkness in every corridor Creeping up to redeem the souls of the restless However this feeling should not endure
Each time we kissed felt more passionate than the last, overpowering every molecule that is my body and soul.
Words, shuffling Perfect ballet Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons Choreographed anarchy Compressing thoughts into a tight tight ball Until I can't tell what's what What is what What is what Waves
Your silouette was an outline of time, as if time had decided to develop a tongue to speak only in shadow, only of shade.
Kneeling against these creaky doors,Lazily carving incisions,To take back my skin from the pain,Then I decided to spew out,A chalice of apparent relief,And fall into the puddle,Letting the tears benumb the stench,My insides clenched onto the despa
How can we make it through hard times?   Those times when it is hard to put one foot in front of the other Those times when we are surrounded by darkness and there is no light
I call him , eyes brimming with tears Struggling to see why we have to end it like this We knew it was coming
The Mean Streets of Oz   When the world is spinning out of control like a Kansas tornado, You cannot simply go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.  
Somebody once said No Man Is An Island, But I'm on this Island immersed in desolation without you,
My hunger survives off your belligerent smile, as it puts the blazing sun up in my sky It's those nonsensical possibilities you whisper which floods my being with your eyes
He broke me, dragged me to his dingy white van I could not stand, bruised and waving out of reality for how could he do this to me Even that night beneath the stars
Has my heart fallen into the pits of dispair or have I still yet to learn the basic functionings of breathing Must I vouch for love for the sake of others as I
Frozen white petals laid beneath my sole Such despair have an untold trail Life long lingers of endless love Together a day of teaseful lust
My grievances await atonement, but it never arrives I continue to battle the monsters inside. These macabre beasts from the infernal grave Lash out and unleash unbridled rage.
I have sent you a dove, It carries to you a note, Telling you of my love.   I want to tell you of above, The skies giving our planet a coat.
If only I could live But Happily Ever After Is a myth in itself.
"When the darkness rules And the moon falls apart The world is made of fools And it's tearing at my heart What I've learned is not from school And I no longer care to start The ocean expanse is full
I open my eyes to another Hell As I’m pulled into another restless dream. I fight the demons though my fears swell I fight through their torture and schemes. I’m blinded by an explosion
Have you ever felt like life was over? though you wish upon a four leaf clover and pray to God to end the pain Because you no longer feel sunlight only the cold rain? I finally move past but the coldness remains
I'm like a pebble I've never been anything more than something as common as that However, it's that very average, common pebble that the not-so-average shoe kicks around.
               Rage against the dying world, Rage against the light, Rage against the sorrows that bar my heart from flight.                 The morning left me winded, The evening left me bare,
Darkness engulfs,clouded by despair.Surrounding the peacefulness,eroding it from within.Discontent follows,maddened by grief.Unpleasantly distraught,lacking true desire.
She would love to know the time of night that the life in her heart walked away
Guilt speaks desperately and the infinite stream of sanity
A necklace lies upon her breast
Starts out awful 
Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see
tired of crying, a final tear fell 
i feel no pain right now but um sure im sure i will soon with my heart slwly breaking becyase uts bekiongs to you and i wont remenbrt this in the morninging how drunk or how sad i was 
What is it to be the one Who watches their world fall apart before their eyes? What is it to be innocent as the ones you love break the walls and often... -themselves upon them?  
The lost of hope in my life is real. I sit in the dark thinking  of simpler times and I dream  of these distant memories that are fading away. The hope is gone forever,
The pain within my heart kills me, Drowns me, Completely destroys anything that comes my way.
I’m dying and it’s your fault.
Is this how it feels Like your heart is slowing ripping away Your mind slowly shutting down Everything getting blurred No longer able to hear Breathing gets labor
You were born.
Surrounded by adversity; expected to fall and fail. The middle child over looked, Invisible to one and all. I try to find my place I try to find my skills; instead I drown in obscurity,
Waking up day by day, slowly trying to take the stress away Days going time by time,
  First, you will get knocked down. You will fall short of glory at some point. Pressure will be obvious. This big, intimidating world will seem to work against you; you may be held at the mercy of others.
The silence that fills his ears mirrors the emptiness that lives within him.Yet the chaos that controls his mindpenetrates as deeply as the scars that litter his skin.
Don't  fall Stand tall Don't let that step Be the last Because there's more to life Then that   No promises to be made Of a paradise in the works (Not here, Not on Earth)
Put me together and pull me apart Dissect my insides and play with my heart Stiches will mend, and stiches will show The part of me you probably don't want to know.  
You told me I couldn't You called me stupid You made a "what not to do" example out of me And here I still stand   Can a stupid kid graduate high school with a certificate in Graphic Design?
30 minutes till midnight
Thousands of voices, Millions of people, Harmony, But not a symphony,
The clouds have veins, at the end of the day, when the sun kisses the edges, and the purple spreads along the blue, dancing on the white
Money or Starve  by Andrea Victoria
    I once knew a girl,
I want someone to listen to me. Listen to my story and tell me when I’m done “That’s some deep shit you waded through.” And then say nothing.
God help the child, Silent, scared, unseen, Confused by life`s lessons, Hurt by hands he loves. He does no right. He does no wrong. Can he find even one Who cares Who sees
It all began on a windy day, When I held my carved heart on a plate, And that was when she tapped her heels, Afraid of the fact I was hollow.   I held my carved heart on a plate,
I didn’t mean to burn the roof we built; I didn’t mean to watch you grab at ash with desperate tries. You see, the side that you put up was hammered shut with hulking hope and simple trust,
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
Depression is a widow's veil. A black, looming object..light and wispy, blowing with every change of the wind.  It's flowery design serves to hide the pain and agony that lies beneath. 
one, moment that changed our lives. as you told me the news  Holding my hand  Two seconds for it to sink in  I let the tears fall three days before you left walking away from us leaving 
What i feel Is nothing at all What I am Is nothing at all. Nothing is me I am nothing. I'm just a stone Falling off a cliff. You're the one who threw me off. Why?
Down, from my sleep to the floor, I came tumbling down. The wind and waves caught the ship And whipped her stern around.
Has a person ever seen such darkness? What makes this real? Tender kisses and blind movements, All just to feel.
It is dark Like a crow’s wing Thick Like despair   There is no one Like the world died Empty Like a pot   Pain is stretched Like a rubber band Resonating
If I could change something I'd change the way you look at the world. I'd turn the scars on your arms into butterlies and kiss marks. i'd make you smile every night before you wen to bed. 
he lived the way it snows in mid-October when the slivers of the moon float down from the clouds into the transparent haze that we call the atmosphere   but the thing about October snow
You start from who you are; Sweet, innocent, and caring. people ask and you say you're ok but no one knows how you're truly faring.
Heavy and smudged sky, and drops on the window. My brain pulses, and my heart swells.   It weighs down on the space between  morals and the vices of feeling.  
The world in a perpetual state of distraction;
Don’t mind me I’m really ok I just don’t want to be awake All I ever do is make mistakes Don’t find me I’m running away I just don’t want to be Someone like me
It was him
From a distance much to great, He silently seals his fate. With a rush of the tide, He loses the feelings he tried to hide.   His head spins,
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
Words are unspoken, Things are not said, But everything she feels is stuck in her head. The sighs of a hurting, broken heart Her feelings inside tear her apart. Words that whisper, 
It's extremely loud in here, Though you do not hear it from there. You may not be able to tell, There are a lot of arguments  And the music is always up too loud.   Though the words spoken, shake,
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
Broken bottles   lining the window seels where pictures should be where crosses should be liquor soaking in the walls yet not absorbing the blows   virbration from the seel decore
Overwhelming sense of dread,
Three am and I'm in that park. The trees rustle in the breeze I'm here to meet a man Not a sleeze. Little do I know he's a human shark. That's the hardest part. He meets me halfway
  Dark and cold yet hot as the same time. That’s how I imagine it. One big fiery pit. Lava spewing onto the surface of the sun. Ghouls and demons.
I think about it every time, It's all I think about, How to kill; and when to kill, Knife of rope? I search for a blade to slit the ever flowing blood; cascade,
look at yourself look at your thighs do you really believe people would care if you died your eyes are to small and your stomach too round feel the adreniline pumping?
Alone in the chilling void,Feeling emotionless as a metallic droid.Why am I here?Why can't I stop these vast rivers of tears?Never been so afraid, so cold;Yet, I see a fluttering, red light, so vivid and bold.
Full of stress, full of fear.Working so hard, full of determination.A need to express, to make it clear.Eternally scarred, by the implication.Of failed success, so severe.
Staring at walls, out of mind Dark despair calls, like no other kind Shadows swirling, thoughts racing Emotions twirling, no point in chasing
Dreams run anewfresh In my mindas I think of you
I had a bestfriendHer name was MiaShe gave me tips to ease the painHeld back my hair as I threw up my sinsTaught me how to gag quietlyTold me to never eat hot things
lies to cover scandals scandals leading to hurting
The girl who seemed unbreakeable... ...broke. The girl who seemed strong... ...crumbled. The girl who always smiled... ...cried. And the girl who never gave up... ...quit trying.
Bad with talking, Not with writing, Feels like everything flying, Come to ground in a sudden halt, With everything that was her fault. No amount of sorry can change the way, She has betrayed,
  It flew through my open door screeching no more, no more. That big black bird of yore.   Bringing with it its despair its regret fogging up the air. Screaming no more, no more.  
When we were all childrenWe kept a blanket over ou
We started out on cloud ninewe never imagined being apartwe were forever, we were together.We had it all planned out, right down to the day we said I Do.But then the hate startedthe stress
Pain is temporary but welcome it's relief where hurt once stood its a cold blade and a restless night a breeze that blows just a shy to cold pain is me mum doing nothing as I'm used pain is me dad turning me into his whore pain is me friends leav
  I remember you. Those eyes you have are like fire. They haunt me, yet I cannot bring myself to take my own eyes off of the impossible flame of yours.
I cannot say what I wish to say. The words stick in my throat. You don't question me; I don't tell you. Perhaps if you asked, you would know. But because you don't ask, I'll die with these things inside of me. These words I'll never say.
School is a place where I love to go, Where I stare at a board so my mind will grow. I love it so much I could go all year, Yeah, that's right, no sarcasm here. I love how I learn just what my teachers say,
I am not a number. I am not a rank out of my class, which is a bummer. I am not a number on a four-point scale. I am not just a student, and I like to rebel. I am a person.
Always last in Gym Class, I Never stood a chance in Debate. Immediately chosen for any Group task, That science Fair was a piece of Cake. Teachers love me, Oh how they praise me. Others not so much,
Everyone’s a rebel, we all want to change the system. We all shout until our throats are sore but the government won’t listen.   School funding is paid by the local property taxes.
T'Was the Christmas season, Where a little boy glees with reason. He's filled with joy, As he waits for hid favorite toy.   The little boy couldn't wait, but it was just too late.
What I learned in high school…
Allow me to clear my throat first Ahem, Fuck you, English Teacher, with the same capital F You gave me on that paper you refused to accept I know my ABCs and my punctuation
How Dare You Say I am too young To see and feel and think the way I do How Dare You
Words of honey can lead to arrogance, And words of vinegar often sting.   It is your job to educate and enrich,
Judge and be judge. Welcome to high school, where this rule won’t budge. We all try to be that one-in-a-million; Well good luck, in this world of four fucking BILLION.
You’re feeling insecure Don’t know what for You have everything That others dream for You are beautiful, strong, and pure
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
Curling tight my back facing the sun knees to my eyes and hands held tight feet tucked under pressed into the wall hiding fearing not willing to face the day
The bright moon filled the sky with light Only to be obscured by the city’s gleam It seemed to set the entire world ablaze And there was nothing that the moon could do  
A vacant vessel, void of hope or faithA sundered soul, despairing, dying, lostSo it remains, a restless, roving wraithUntil it can collect for Charon's cost.
The clang of a single coin in an empty tin Alerts the man to sadly look down.   He fishes out the nickel Holding it up to the light Dreaming of what it must feel like
I’d like to imagineI can still feel the sting of the day she let go;clipped my wings with a word and said, Fly. I’d like to imagineI can wax lyrical and triumphant one more night;
I’m waiting for someone to rescue me I turn and pray endlessly Where has innocence gone to? This world is plagued by darkness and no way to restore it
alone and unwanted is all she ever felt just her and her mom to take on the long nights the most pain she has ever delt she sites a father and his daughter surrounded with the glowing lights
An ocean of my blood and tearskilling me with my own fears.I let myself drownin all this misery.You can trybut I won't let you save me.
The glass lost its grip And my veins lost their insistent murmur. My heart no longer pounding   I spoke my words into the air My throat strangling, mangling Sounds I would never release  
But the immaculate future must wait There is nothing left within us, they say, And our time well spent is a delusion No longer is this a world to cherish, No more must we believe in stories once told—
Accusations to self-realizations do wither convictions of mine I doubt my motives, facades, my devotions, my own I can't seem to find Oh deep inside of me there is an uncertainty that I must grip
                                       Sorrow   My heart is slowly breaking into two pieces. Nobody can hear my silent screams to my daddy, telling him to take me home.
Insecurity filled the teenager With agony, pain and woe. This emptiness will take her To a place where happiness is low. Heavyset is how they described her So she focused on losing weight.
As time goes on my worries grow into an abyss, One where I can never be at rest from it.  It nags at me in the back of my mind telling me that I have to do it now
I can't help but feel that something's offYou avoid meFor reasons that I cannot seeI feel like the third wheelWas what we had before surreal?
Please just let me go homeI can't stay hereNothing satisfiesI can't even eatThe sight of food makes me sickI just really want to leave
I stare at the dark abyss of my bedroomDaydreams flow through my headAnd I wonderA question that has bugged me for years
Why I Hurt What is this pain in my chest?I'm supposed to be better nowOver it But I guess I still hurtBecause no matter whatThings will never be the wayThey used to be
Supplementary: Something extra, excess, not needed Et c’est le même en Français aussi Like desert Or when you’re doing something worthwhile But no one is there to see it No one will ever know
Barbaric desire, despair’s impulse, Flesh of flesh in incoherent rhythm, Unknown but known Then seen never again, That which feels to protect.
  The voice of the clock ticks As I sit & think My time begins to shrink   Sitting in a room full of desperstion & need Trying to put all the beeds onto one string
I wonder when will my light glow brighter than our sun. Am I just a star? already shining bright but oh so far.Moving ever so quickly and changing ever so slowly
Doesnt matter if  you get a head start. The world's biggest dumbass was, at one point, smart. Look back at what you were. Now you're confused by your very own words. A slip up made you fall down. Can't climb back up. Sit there and drown.
Hello. My name is Hunger and, I'm a whore. I think I've seen many of you here before... Allow me to explain.   When the land, kisses the sunlight And, day turns into night,
Doc says I should start writing down my thoughts, Says it might help me to find the root of my problems and in turn, the road to recovery. Well, last night, I let old habits visit me and I woke up,
I feel alone in this empty shell no one knows my hell I thought I had control But you wouldn't leave me alone now I'm stuck in this house You're a cat I'm a mouse If I'm alive 
To  whom will I go when I have found no one?When will I be of need to those who have everything?If every whole is filled, which hole do I fill?Or am I already found? Am I already of need?
I'mlost in a melody,grasping at diaphanous notesand a hand that neverlet go I'mcomposing songsthat people love,but there's somethingthey don't know
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
Ever feel like your trapped In a bottomless hole so deep  but yet comfortable to your new surrounding  familiar with the dark walls  and the ordinary smell that become your only companions
Black runs like the river Mixing with the fallen red already on the ground Swirling, eerily, on the black pavement Clear drops fall, Some the pure of rain, Others heavy & laden with salt
I'm supposed to be where wings are made but I'm not sure how to fly yet. When will that person come, to show me how to get to that place yet unknown? That place where in my dreams is revealed but in life is classified.
succombing under the waves, grasping, reaching, searching for a lift for something to push me over the swirling waters. ice pouring through my veins. fire pouring out from my eyes. my bones,
We were broken from the start Ill made molds from our beginning Bits and pieces of fears and failures Make our chemical make-up   We will not bow We are broken, not defeated
She let her heavy eyes sink closed as the salty ocean air washed over her, enveloping her in it's cool embrace.With each breath, the darkness inside of her melted away. But just as quickly as it left, it returned, crawling it's
There was something dark, Something dreadful, Lurking through the halls. - a spirit!- Malicious with disturbing desires, Like a shadow, it followed From room to room. Such a monstrous  creature
The interpretation of a world without pain. Angels would sing The light of their song reaching brave to bold Young and the old Of a new hope rising!   The angelic decree of the heavenly beasts
All it took was one shot For you to spiral down the drain ‘Cause though you may have fought You couldn’t evict the pain   All it took was one thought For you to decide it was time
Hot street and my soles are melting Not a soul in sight and what a sigh of relief as my feet are on fire A stroll across the sun would be nice today.
Oh how my lovely weathered memories are scattered across the floor. How they come rushing through as I sit and ponder. What will the winds of time bring past my door? 
Hit the floor running, that's what they say But there's only so far you can run In this bricked up place with these tiled floors filled with sickness, sad- ness, and sterilization. But that's why I'm here:
The Pain Inside me breaks my soul in piecesMy parents are fighting everydayMy lover left me for deadAnd there's no one who even cares So They Don't really know what they are talking aboutI find different ways to ease the pain that's inside meBut t
I walk with no soul and mind, just the thought of youI walk with no gold or silver, just a dead rose in my hand The moon doesn't smile tonightTonight i walk with Demons from HellThe Sun won't set me free no moreI am alone and will never be remembe
what if God took away the moon?will we ever see the night sky the same or different?if so, what would be the difference?will the dark side of the earth be ever luminated naturally at night?would we be more dependable on light to bright the night? 
If I wandered into a bar and got drunk, I would leave feeling pleasured and great, Only to find my head spinning the next day. Surely there is more to life.  
I listen, awake and aloneOn a bed intended for two.The clock clangs out twelve forlorn tonesAs midnight comes in view.
The wild outburst of love Led me to times where I endlessly write It was an urge to bring out the emotions That I continuously chose to fight L-o-v-e, a blessing or heartbreak, we all may not retain
Her beauty doth shine as ‘twould make the sun Itself seem as though ‘twere but a mere coal. A match for her, there is never a one,
Only if my memories could take shape Then I would be holding you again in my embrace Your words still beckon me so Though only heard what seems like seconds ago The distance between us is so vast
My first love By: Ladii Kay
Sometimes people lose themselves- in themselves. Swimming through blockaded passageways of unchanneled thought and emotion, searching for a discord.
Why do I write? Someone may ask, See me I write, Cause there's no one that can understand,
Unsurpassed, unwavering, unthinkable fear. There is no assurance of tomorrow. Any known stability, ripped from my grasp. The voices without end. There is no escape! They will be coming for me. Too late!
I came to you one humid spring night You taught me how to appreciate life, because You are death and death is all I see You are tall, dark, violent, endlessly mysterious but blatant with your lies
To be, or not to be, That is the true question. Whether it is or was nobler to express yourself, Without having to be judged by others on if you're "normal or not"
When darkness has crept over blue heavens And your name has swept like Rumor through my mind, No song, no sight can ease anger's weapons And no hope of this storm's end can I find,
When confusion sets And you lose your bets The world blinks in stone; When guardians fail And morals pale You think you're all alone. When leaders fall And sickness crawls
Wasting away. Lost. Lonely. I run at any sign of someone trying to talk me out of my nonsense. I'm so deep within the black that the white seems hideous. Threatening.
What is despair? I have seen it. Is it when a woman looks at her child And realizes she can’t feed her Is it when a poor black girl in the ghetto of Brooklyn Can’t go to college
I’m afraid, To let people See the tears roll uncontrollably Down my face Each one mimicking the last. And, I don’t want To have to face them And show them that I feel.
Upon each wingéd criticism float hollow sadness extending infinite within, devouring seeming core of self eroded, still suspended in earthly bondage.
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
In days to come I write of hope, I write of beaming white. I scrawl of joy and scribble truth, and smiling, sweet aloof.
The truth of forgiveness is a loving embrace: once seeming lost, warm radiant beheld of passive serenity gathered its force.
Tell me, have you ever had to lie? Have you ever had to cry? Have you ever fought for approval of your peers? Have you ever tried to fight your fears? If you have, it’s okay. I will catch your tears.
In the depths of my mind, I envision my own world. Its beauty is flawless. There is nothing but starry skies and peace that only paradise can provide. That day, I saw your despair and
Skipping lines and skipping parts Do you know wherethebegginingstarts Feel the constant beating of your heart. Then all of a sudden. It falls apart
Lost ambitions Abandoned hopes and dreams, A feeling that no one believes, Questioned Faith, Borrowed time, A cold emptiness inside, Deep Bitterness, A whole that's bottomless, You feel alone,
When we met you said you were dangerous, A word like licking knife blades, razor sharp; Dancing in silk slippers on an icy-slick roof-edge. You said it to sound dark and brooding, A walk on the wrong side of the tracks.
It starts off slow, a tugging at the heart. A sort of deep ache welling up within the subconscious Something that cannot be expressed in words You see them talking, laughing, but not like they care if you see
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