Child in a Broken House

What is it to be the one

Who watches their world fall apart before their eyes?

What is it to be innocent

as the ones you love break the walls

and often... -themselves upon them?


Did you hear the crash of the lost and unspoken words,

Caught between the screams?

Catch glance of the shattered glass

that tore wounds in children's dreams?

Could you feel the roof caving in as you hunched behind a door,

Denying all reality, until the sobs fell out, "No More!"


Did you hear the silent lies

Along with the missing peace?

Did your innocent questions never gather

Into your own belief?


Could your sight of many hints and signs,

Too late mean you were blind?

Can the sorrow of a snakes poison

be so naively defined?


What is it when your eyes

Cannot see the thing,

Only at the last moment to realize

- After you have felt the sting?


The walls around you collapsing

If only just a dream!

To tear at hair and soul,

You feel like you could scream!


But you won't.  

Because you're not good at screaming or yelling.

When it comes down to it your not always good at telling

anyone when they need to stop, or change, or something!  

Because you can't do anything but care, cry

and wonder-


Why? Why! Why?

Why! Why! Why!




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