My Name Is Despair

Has a person ever seen such darkness?

What makes this real?

Tender kisses and blind movements,

All just to feel.

Grieving to find betterment,

Of oneself, of none else.

This is the reality of our minds lament,

A wheel who wishes to turn only to be shelved.

Pitiful, worthless, disgraceful,

How could they wish to atone?

Triumvirate meeting of the powerful,

Yet in numbers find only none have grown.

Signs held for change,

Hands move only an inch,

Words pitched at high range,

Strong enough only to break a single stitch.

Kneel, you’re pathetic.

Your cries bring me such joy.

The torture of you seems so hectic,

To those who have no mind to employ.

I will devastate you,

I will be the only pain known,

History will remember true,

This worthless shit and its melodic moan.

Run, hide, there is no safety there,

Turn, fight, you will lose everything,

Accept your life, and know its despair,

Tonight, dreams become the light of morning.

This is the end,

What can we do?

We try to pretend,

That we weren’t born to lose.

We all die,

When we can’t face our fears.

Death comes for all in time,

Do not let it control your years. 


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