Wed, 11/29/2017 - 15:49 -- kenorte

To my ex-lover,

You were my first real love,

My first serious relationship.

You taught me how to be in a relationship,

How to love,

How to be compassionate,

How to commit.

You taught me how to put others needs before mine,

but that led me into a trap.

I always put your needs before mine.

I was there for you,

I cared for you.

I helped guide you when you were lost or confused.

I helped heal your heart when you were hurt.

I gave you advice when you didn't know what to do.

I loved you.

But what about me?

I put everything into our relationship,

I poured out my heart out to you,

gave you my soul,

left my heart in your hands.

I did everything I could for you,

Only for you to take my heart in your bare hands to slowly crumble it into a million pieces.

You became distant,

Pushed me away.

You became more involved with your friends,

Other girls.

You occupied your time obsessing over your car.

You filled your time with everyone else.

Everyone else, but me.

You left me alone,



How could you cheat on me,

After all I've done for you?

Sincerely, the girl who loved you unconditionally.


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