I am NOT a Commodity, Ornamental, or Common


I try to stay away from you

But you keep on coming back

I see the desperation

but I do not give a flack

You're a crazy creepy stalking pig

who I want far, far away

but you just seem to return to me

every single day

Your influence hit me like a bag of rugged rocks

You whisper in my ear saying I am a lovely fox

But you still resume to place me in a designated box

I hate you.

I despise you!!

You are ugly and continue to weigh me down.

Every time you enter into the equation my smile 

turn into a frown.

You like talking dirty to me,

I can tell that you do.

You call it fun

I call it oppression.

You make me feel like such a reject,

that I turn to depression as my comfort.

Even depression can comfort me, the way you used to.

I will admit, some days I'm golden,

on others I am blue.

I do not, Can not

feel the way I did when I was young.

We were so naive, so filled with fun.

It's over go away,now my dear.

I can't stand the thought of you being so near.

I used to wear ugly, smelly hand-me-downs

because of you.

Now I wear a sense of pride cause of me,

no thanks to you. Why can't you get that?

Why can't you see that we are through?

I'm sorry poverty, I am done with you.




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