How Interesting


Hot street and my soles are melting

Not a soul in sight and what a sigh of relief as my feet are on fire

A stroll across the sun would be nice today.

The echoes of dripping sweat make walks more interesting


...How interesting


A kick beat and the rubber is cracking

They are well worn and a domesticated dog...

Or some kind of funny sex machine that is lacking

The sight of dripping soul sweat makes conversations more interesting


How interesting...


Blazing dwarf and my laces are breaking

The Latch written and torn...

I’m surprised I haven’t tripped yet, my legs are aching

The feeling of worn sold soles makes spent time more interesting


...How interesting


No time for lip service as my converse are broken down

What a day I had on the sun that I could recount as I smiled and walked around

I thought I should have stayed home, I thought I would be bored

Oh, I thought that I would be so bored

But walks around the neighborhood make life more interesting


How interesting...


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