Jack Daniels

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 10:49 -- Zmac

Have you ever felt like life was over?

though you wish upon a four leaf clover

and pray to God to end the pain

Because you no longer feel sunlight only the cold rain?

I finally move past but the coldness remains

It shows through in my demeanor like stains

and then for a moment I again saw the light

and though I tried to hide and put up a fight

I allowed my self to trust again, I again believed

little did I know I would again be decieved

Have you ever seen the one you love with someone new?

Have you ever felt the pain of knowing your chance passed through?

Have you ever tried to look the other way?

but for some reason your heart forces you to stay?

I have and Jack Daniels helps me deal with the pain

except when I pick up the bottle, on it is written your name.




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pray to God for strength, take the pain away (not the alcohol)

pray to God for salvation

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