Weeping - A Grotesque Poem


Small watery beads fall

like tiny diamonds.

Glittering as the sunlight

sprouts from their surfaces

in prismatic tints.

Their liquid trails

form a web to capture

a reflection’s gaze,

awed by the redness

that permeates white skin.


Huddled on the floor,

clumped together like

molten rock,

a body made of fire

seeks relief on icy tiles.

Concealed arms

turned into a vice

gripping the last shreds

of solid ground.

Shaking limbs

curled into themselves

like dry lilies

weeks after a funeral.


Lips part to allow

air that fuels

another sorrowed melody.

Cellos reverberating deep

chords inside the brain.

Pressure applied upon the skull

by clammy hands weaved through

hair thick as an untrodden wood.

Teeth clench and eyes

squeeze shut to suppress

the remorseful song

stuck on repeat.


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