Wall to Sky

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 18:59 -- Myther

Curling tight

my back facing the sun

knees to my eyes

and hands held tight

feet tucked under

pressed into the wall



not willing to face the day

a shadow in a giant's shell

echoing empty

as a widowed heart

eyes held down

and clammy skin

my heart

flitters as a thrush

hollow mind

and shallow soul

not ready to face the world

this wall of mine

that stands so tall

as I turn ever in

the noise

the sights

the scarred and weary land

my memory is sharp


like licking flame

I remember

the feeling of pain

bites and nips

aches and rips

the hurt of heart

and agony of soul

the torture of a body

I curl up tight into the wall

the sun is at my back

by day

the moon and selfless stars

by night

shaking hands

and fumbling heart

I dare not turn again

to face the sterling world

as long as I remain

my sight will be this wall of mine

and my back will


for all of time

be faced

another human being

for if my back remains to sun and moon

I worry only of the elements

the sun does not cover up

it does not lie

its rays are honest and are true

they level and expose

they hide no shadow

they burn away all deceit

moon with bright and fading light

cold or white


or strong

the moon is not a warrior

my back to world

my face to wall

as I stay in comfort

curled into my ball


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