I see what others dont

Walk down the street

All faces are seen

I see many things like misery

A story behind each face

Somebody having a story to tell

A man in his pool of blood  

What’s his story?

What’s that expression on his face?

Fear, regret, mercy……or could it be relief?

Could this man have been a gambler?

I read the faces we fail to see

The transparent emotions

I see the one called regret

The one called failure

It walks behind me everyday

A shadow never going away

Everybody with their own pain

Notorious feelings of shame

A once known woman with big dreams

Now begging on the streets for scraps of meat

She had so many memories

Now she’s talking to unreal things

Given a chance

But it dangled over a cliff

She just couldn’t reach it

She jumped and jumped so high

But it pulled away as a joke

Ruining her life

Kicking her aside, a rugged mop

Worn out and has lost its value

I see the faces of pain

I see the one called regret

The beast stares me in the face

Calling failure for backup

I know why people cry

I know why they wish to die






This poem can't really be categorized since the selection was limited. I wrote this because it potrays my viewpoints on life. It's crazy how we can look at a person and to us they may seem like regular bystanders who are part of our lives but to them you are just the same. It's cool how people are living their own lives and we don't know the part of that life. I was sitting on the curb by my school and I saw this man in the business suit. In my life I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up from school and in my eyes he's just a man walking by; however, in his life he's late to pick up his kid form school and he's afraid he'll get in trouble from his wife for being late. Now, as he sees me, I am just a kid sitting on a curb. I found it interesting and wrote htis poem.

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