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What is your fear?

We all have fears.

Some of us many,

Some of us few.

I'll tell you mine.

You don't have to tell me yours.

I'll just let loose my heart,

And pray you won't crush it

My fear is a dark one,

Few people know it.

It is one with no partner,

No companion or twin.

My fear is being solitary,

To have no one in the world.

As much as I say otherwise,

I don't like to be alone.

But, at the same, I do.

Like to be alone, I mean.

Let me rephrase:

I'm not afraid of being alone.

I'm afraid of being lonely.

Of being rejected and left for dead

Alone and Lonely are two different things

The latter of which I’d like to avoid.

To be lonely is to be without form;

To walk through life, but experience it not.

To be lonely is to have nothing to hold you.

And no one to care.

Loneliness is my curse,

And I try to fight it every day.

Even when I'm not alone,

Surrounded by my friends,

I feel out of place,

Like I do not belong.

Take this as you will.

Pity me or maybe call me a fool.

But know that I just told you my story

I have nothing hide,

And only one thing to fear:



~L.L. Livingston

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