Pleading for a Painless Life

The Pain Inside me breaks my soul in piecesMy parents are fighting everydayMy lover left me for deadAnd there's no one who even cares So They Don't really know what they are talking aboutI find different ways to ease the pain that's inside meBut the satisfaction isn't there and it just destroys me even moreNo one understand what I’m going through, not even God So if there is a God up there hear my cry for helpBecause i Know what I’m doing isn't right for meI can't hide my pain with poison that i takeIt's the easy road that's bringing me down... I dream of seeing the light of day and a peaceful lifeI want to make my Mother proud and my father as wellGod above please help me and forgive for my SinsThe pain inside of me breaks my soul and i can't go through it anymore...



have you ever been hungry to the point of vomiting been beaten for no reason just because the guy was bored 

if you didn't you don't know pain 

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