Summer is Coming

Summer is approaching, day by day 

and with everyday that comes to a close 

I sense the hours breaching my soul. 

Hour by hour, the time gashes me apart. 

The days get longer and drawn out 

while the nights become unmanageable. 

No longer can I feel the fade 

the gentle fade of an enjoyable day. 

A day of laughter and smiles 

all candidly and principally sincere 

to a night accompanied by tears 

and bottomless thought of a painful past 

I' m trying so hard to leave behind. 

My days I easily spent walking on air 

suppressing the fear and pain 

until the darkness of the night 

exposed the frightful thoughts I avoided. 

Safe inside my lovers arms 

I pray an escape will come to my mind 

our souls have been harmonized 

and I abound in the safety of his love. 

however my endless love for him 

isn't something that stops the emerging 

of the pain that's preceding. 

It was a gentle yet distinguishing difference 

my days from my nights. 

But now it seems I can't wake up 

I can't escape the exposing nights. 

I look out the window 

and even though its only mid day 

I see the shadows of the moon 

and dancing shadows 

rather than the rays of the sun 

that are clear as day to the next person. 

My mind is being weighed down 

and I'm trying to hold it up 

my past excitement has grown seldom 

it feels like I've fallen to depression 

and I don’t want to be so despaired.


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