Why am I the only one?

Why don't they give up?

I already know how bad I've done

But all I say is ‘suck it up


No one cares that's It's hard

In fact It's not enough

Write that on a flash card

It's not even that tough


I'm not that smart

I've run out of luck

I Didn't do my part

And now I'm stuck


Stuck with a dream that I broke

Because I'm the idiot who gave up

There's so much pain in every stroke

I swear to god I'm such a fuck up


Also It doesn't matter

I'm just being a baby

Im climbing a latter

The top is a maybe


I know this doesn't make sense

Just goes to show how tired I am

All of my work is so fucking dense

I can't do what everyone else can


The red lines that bring me comfort

On my skin, on my disgusting body

So shallow. No wonder it doesn't hurt

Also I need to stop eating this candy


Why do I still even try?

I honestly don't remember

I'm kinda starting to cry

What is this, September?

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