Valentine Day

Sun, 02/14/2016 - 00:01 -- jerlee

Frozen white petals laid beneath my sole

Such despair have an untold trail

Life long lingers of endless love

Together a day of teaseful lust

How grand an event may held for you?

When in reality it’s only portray to me


Those mournful whine, became no more

As life give way to a truthful love

Where it held secret by only one

It have dawn upon you to look behind the mask

To many suitor has laid to rest

How pitiful you look upon them

With those glaring eyes, you will make them cry

On a hard day for single guys


Oh, how laughable for them to try

Their hearts was only ready to die

No wonder the world is so red today

For all those bloody broken soul

Such memorable life long goals so delicate

It was only meant to be shatter on such a lonely day


Now you know my saddest doubt

Where I walked alone on the lake

To relief from such a stake,

It’s okay, at least the lake wasn’t bloody today

OH! these playful thoughts on a romantic day

How gruesome can one say

When they laid waiting for that message today?



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