This Is What You Have Created (A Poem Against Bullying)

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 11:09 -- Crosby

There is a girl in the corner.

She is dressed in her Sunday best,

But yet her eyes are filled with a river,

Her knees pressed to her chest.

Her hair is a waterfall about her face.

Beautiful dress, modest and clean.

Yet she hides her face in disgrace,

She wishes not to be seen.

Why is such beauty marred by tears?

Because you called her a slut.

You have created her painful years,

You have laid upon her your brunt.


There is a boy in the corner,

He is dressed to his pride.

Looking like he is from beyond the city border,

He looks so fly.

Yet he curses at his boots,

He scorns his button-up shirt.

He feels the sting of the abuse,

He is hurt by words curt.

You laugh at his pride and joy,

You call him "hillbilly."

You destroy the simple country boy,

You and your incivility.


You are nothing but destruction, 

All you cause is despair. 

Your fluxion of poison only causes deconstruction

And disrepair. 

Have you no heart or soul? 

Are you only a monster? 

Stop the madness,

No longer be the bully you are. 

Look at what you have done in your malice,

Look at the scars.

This is where it stops,

This is where it ends.

Here you put down the rocks,

This is where you make amends.

See the darkness, see the pain,

See the anger, see the hatred.

This is what have created.


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A note for those of you who have taken the time to scroll down and read the comments. This poem is completely true. I have a friend who went through this, her and her brother. They've been going through bullying for years now, but this is one specific event that I know of. Some back story. It was the day of the school dance and my friend and her brother decided to dress up. She was dressed in a beautiful and very modest dress (one that a school code would be proud of), and her brother was dressed like any other person from the country (the family is from the country). The irony in his being bullied is that, this is Indiana. Here girls love country guys and for some reason he just got hammered by bullies. And for the person who picked on my friend his exact words were "Oh look there is (insert name here) looking as slutty as usual." Which makes no sense because she is very modest and is just not that kind of girl. Neither circumstance made any sense and even if it did, it was uncalled for. Bullying is a very serious thing. I've known people who have tried to take their lives because of it and I've known people who have taken their lives because of it. I myself have dealt with it, but unfortunately not everyone has the blessings I do to keep from straying down that path. I wrote this poem along with "Never Lose Sight" in response to the event my friend endured. I pray for her and her brother, that life will get better for them. Please, if you are dealing with bullying, stand up for yourself. Stand strong. It can never be so dark that light can't get through. Talk to your friends, talk to your principle, your family, a teacher, the teacher of your religion (ie. priest, minister, rabbi, etc.), talk to someone. You don't have to go through it alone. Feel free to discuss what's going on in your life in the comment section of this poem. This is not just for my friend and her brother, this is for you. Feel free to talk on here. If you want prayers just say hey, I'm going through some rough times I really need prayers would you do that for me, and I'll be more that willing to pray for you. You don't have to go through this alone. Stand strong.

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