Thousands of voices,

Millions of people,


But not a symphony,

The younger one is,

The louder one needs to be

to be heard, that is


Children, teens, young adults

Yelling 'til their throats bleed

and all people do

is look on in sympathy


Not people

(Not yet)

because they are just children

And children are stupid, mindless

Innocent, need to be protected

Children have no voices.



They can't know what they're talking about

The issues of today

Just Children

Don't mind what they say

They are the future,

But not the present

(remember that)

(They should be seen and not heard)


Rip out their tongues

Mock their loves

They're children

They don't know what they're talking about


Let them have their tantrums

(They'll understand later)

Let them scream themselves silly

(so immature)


And so what could have been

Is ignored because of age

Because with age comes knowledge

and it's forgotten

that children can have wisdom

that teens know what they can do

That these people are not the future

But rather the present

And when they're silenced



When they're silenced

There is no future

because future needs a present

when the present is silent

the future is silent

and so we are condemned



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