To be free


United States
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Why do I write?
Someone may ask,
See me I write,
Cause there's no one that can understand,

You and your struggles,
What you try to hide,
My feelings you wouldn't imagine,
This is how I really feel inside.

Alone, Dark, Angry, and without acceptance,
I fear being alone, and I cant handle neglection.

When everyone judges,
and no one is willing to listen.
They could make your feelings worsen,
and the point is what their missing.

My poems keep me calm,
They control my anger from spurting out.
I've moved from my hometown,
my anger management counselors are running about.

I'm on my own to grow up,
No one is holding my hand,
My poetry gives me warmth,
in every word that I said.

Why do I express my words on paper,
Rather than facing the problem head on?
I'm tired of walking around,
Being unhappy but appear so strong.

Why should I ball up my emotions,
When I get toyed with and played like I'm a game of free tokens.

NO, I'm not the person that can spit fire your way,
But my emotions are controlled by desires and I'm unpredictable any day.

No matter who you are,
She is ,
or how close we can be.
There's no one separating my pen and me.

Why do I write?
When I cant seem to explain,
My poems express everything perfectly in a way.

Being bullied, being dumped
Being forgotten, being punked

Who's gonna listen,
When your going through and need someone there to rely?
Cause almost everyone listens with an intent to reply.

Be quiet.

Close your mouth.

Listen to my words as they are coming out.

Loneliness is the darkest despair,
Without my expressions,
I'd be miserable out here.

Why do I write?
Someone may ask,
See me I write,
Cause there's no one that can understand.


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