Hope is not a fuzzy feeling.

Hope is not rainbows and butterflies and cupcakes.

Hope is not soft and sweet relief.


Hope is knowing that you can survive

If you believe in Someone bigger than yourself

Even though you are too scared and stubborn to make a move.


Hope is hearing a voice in the darkest night,

A voice that you recognize as life-changing,

Even though you fight that change with everything you have

Because comfort and change

Are never in the same room.


Comfortable pain looks like heaven compared to uncomfortable change.


How can I stay in a place where

I hate my choices, my addictions, my pitfalls, my weaknesses, my failures,

my inevitable destruction,

my dirt,

my ugly,

my face.

…..But how can I give up this persona I’ve created


Hope cries out saying

“There is Someone who has saved you.

There is Someone who accepts you.

There is Someone who loves you

And there is Someone

Walking      Through                  Single

   You         Every  Step.”


Hope cries “Do not be afraid!” 365 times in one Book

Hope cries “I have all that you need so stop looking for cheap knock-offs!”

Hope cries “We’ve been through so much together. Do you really think I’d leave you on your own now? Do you really think we’ve gotten this far to stop here?”


Hope is a voice that I hear every day,

Reminding me of the one thing I need to know.

Hope will fill my cup so that it overflows

And that overflow is meant for the edification of Him and others.

Hope will give me the wings I’ve been missing, but I can only get them from Hope.


Hope promises a new life.

Hope promises a future.


This is what I am called to do:

Believe Hope even when I don’t want to

Have faith in Hope’s power and love

Ignore the lies of those around me because I was made for the Truth

Follow boldly into the future despite the comfort of the past.


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Our world


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