The light of hope

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 23:07 -- Katty

Ever feel like your trapped

In a bottomless hole so deep 

but yet comfortable to your new surrounding 

familiar with the dark walls 

and the ordinary smell

that become your only companions

you're startled one day by the sudden change

It's all new and bright

confusing and foreign 

there's a light above you

So you cover your eyes

afraid that this new light is something different

afraid of the unknown it may bring with it 

but through your squinting eyes you notice

that this strange glow is not what you feared at all

 but a new found hope to save you from your despair 

you reach for it and it pulls you near

closer to freedom and life and happines

These foreign concepts that you have only dreamed about

you're out of the hole 

Free from the darkness that it possessed 

free from the pain it obtained

Unaware of the hopeful light around you

shining Brighter because its happy

happy you've found it

happy you're free

dimming down so your tired eyes can see through 

Through the light to reveal the other people

covered in dirt from their own holes

free from their own dejection 

but brought together by the light

the light of hope.




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