born in the wrong era ii

Trapped inside the wrong era.
I falleth in love with Enheduanna,
Knowing I'll never have courage to speak,
doubt is for the weak!
Or so I was told by mine own mother.
I will never be satisfied with anything this life had yet to offer,
I will never be truly pleased with the good I do for others how often I be meek.
No matter how many I inspire, I'll always be to some a freak.

I'll always find a problem with myself.
And'll always feel trapped in a time,
My existence are but to others a glass half.
I feel strange being here; it feels a crime.
If I had a time machine I'd choose to work with Da Vinci or Michael Angelo, but in whose behalf?
I'd sail the sea with Christopher Columbus,
or just become a pirate like Davey Jones; enjoying crime.
I'd search for the gateway to the Bermuda triangle's gulf.
Or I'd search for Babylon until I'd see something shine.

I feel so wrong to be trapped inside the 21st Century.
Here's nothing for me, why am I here?
Oh, how I wish I could disappear;
As if I know when dying the world would not even remember me.

I belong with the others.
Those whom all the lies can see.
Those kindred souls and philosophers.
For I feel I have left behind a part of me,
Can't I just return to my brothers and sisters?
In another time; where I was once free.
But still my Lord remaineth Jesucristus
And in my life, my salvation was he.

How do I stop what is out of my hands?
Who were I once in a whole other life?
I just can't fit in here; I can't abide to such demands.
Even if I had to stab mine own heart with a knife.

But then I'd die; I'd lose my soul.
I guess I'm bound to be buried in such a deep hole.

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Our world


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