Your smile, the painkillers in my IV, paradise flowing through my veins ,too sedated to stand. My lovely nurse I give you my all and everything I will be, before you put me under, your beautiful face has to be the last thing I see. Remembering every detail of my ladylove, I read her like a well versed scripture, such an easy feat, with you .... my light in the darkness, any ailments I can beat, I feel the stitches along my sternum your sweet kisses speed my healing, your embrace helps me heal, once again I have been blessed with the ability to feel. Senses heightened food tastes better so it's only right I ate you like my last meal. "Rehabilitation finna be a breeze " at least I thought, "big fella love ain't no small deal".. your phrases mannerisms attitude downloaded into my subconscious, I am your puppet, your soldier. Suddenly complications arise, I see caution in those eyes, I sense fear, I hold you close you pull away, I she'd a tear you wipe away, you take one step I collapse, you take another I'll decay, my chest feels cold,empty, I flatline.. much to your dismay with or without my heart I am yours and here to stay

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My family
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