Ora Et Spes

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 03:01 -- Yahyung


I’m waiting for someone to rescue me

I turn and pray endlessly

Where has innocence gone to?

This world is plagued by darkness

and no way to restore it

black and purple bruises

Even sunny days have no light

And rain have no peace

Crying out does no good

Where is the one everyone used to believe in?

He runs away, abandons his creations

Cloud are gray like our souls

No matter how many questions we ask

The answer is floating

in the endless sea of

dreams of illusions

Truth creating lies

for us to believe


someone screams and its you

Stand by me in misery

Look at me like yesterday

Tell me everything you know


Beginning to pray, I swept by sadness

We never hear the sound of happiness

Where has love gone to?

Forever, everything wants to cave in

Through tearful eyes, I look at you

I can’t save you, and I’m losing you

I cant touch and reach out to you


I turn away and pray endlessly

for a problem to this solution

Dirt and grime, ubiquitous as flowers

Even roses aren’t for love

In white clothing, I gaze into a dark sky

Searching for answers, I clasp my hand and raise them

My poisoned blood running as I pray endlessly


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