Hope For Our Reunion


United States
38° 44' 49.2684" N, 90° 15' 9.4176" W
United States
38° 44' 49.2684" N, 90° 15' 9.4176" W
United States
38° 44' 49.2684" N, 90° 15' 9.4176" W
United States
38° 44' 49.2684" N, 90° 15' 9.4176" W

I listen, awake and alone
On a bed intended for two.
The clock clangs out twelve forlorn tones
As midnight comes in view.

My mind, from mem’ries past,
Rests on a midnight much the same
A single time in time so vast,
Yet time made my heart lame.

Who once was wont to walk
In cheerful company,
But now, while others laugh and mock,
Sits broken for all to see.

A dark room, dimly lit
By a lamplight’s yellow glare.
My love, to whom my heart was knit,
Lay sleeping, yet yonder did stare.

And in this state she’d stay’d
For sev’ral weeks on end,
While, by her side, I pray’d
That God would mercy lend.

Her health had worsen’d for years,
And now it fin’lly seem’d
Despite my fervent pleadings and tears
Her life could not be redeem’d.

But, oh! why must it be so?
Why should the good die young?
And not the wicked and wrathful go
‘Fore songs of age are sung?

My love was an angel pure,
A seraph in disguise;
Though sore trials did she endure,
‘Twas warmth e’er in her eyes

And a smile upon her lips
As she sought others to serve,
And ne’er to me did she speak with whips;
Her I did not deserve.

For I had not been as she,
A sacred gift from above,
For many faults could be found in me
That greatly grieved my love.

I scarce would press my lips
To hers; ‘twas too much a chore,
And oft spoke I to her in whips
That should have made me sore.

And yet, somehow, did she
Find a way to love me still,
Despite my sins and shortcomings
Despite all of my ills.

So now, I by her staying
She knocking on death’s door
I began beseeching God by praying
That she I might speak with once more.

And as I prayed, I pondered,
‘When men die, will they live again?
Or will the struggling souls who wander’d
Lie down, to ne’er be men?

‘But should all mankind rise
And my love live once more,
Alas! would she only despise
Me for my faults before?’

These questions burned within me
As I pondered and prayed all night,
But no answer did there seem to be;
Not found in my darkness was light

‘Till light herself did come
With the rising of the Sun,
And my love, who once was blind and dumb
Her work was not yet done.

My love to herself did come,
Though near  death’s door so bleak,
But now was neither blind nor dumb,
For she did see and speak.

“God heard your prayers,” said she.
“’Twas He that sent me to you
To calm your fears and help you see
His answer - what you are to do.

“For, though faults you have had,
‘Tis you I’ll e’er adore,
And nothing could make me more glad
Than to be with you once more.

“For death is not the end;
All souls shall live again,
And life will take an immortal bend;
Men will again be men.

“But, as for me, I perish;
I’m passing through death’s door,
So listen, the one I love and cherish
I counsel you once more.

“I’ve seen your shortcomings
And loved you, all the same;
Now deny yourself of all evil things
That mar or mark or maim.

“And speak no more with whips;
Let love e’er guide your way.
Now, love, in parting, let meet our lips,
For I do die today.”

Her words greatly grieved my heart
But revitalized my soul,
So as we did prepare to part,
Our reunion became my goal.

My sadness I could not reserve,
As she died, her face a smile.
Her the world did not deserve
To keep more than a while.

So I could not but cry
As my love, from me, did part.
She joined with the seraphim in the sky,
And broken became my heart.

So now, I do know why
The youthful good do go
The Earth sends angels to the sky;
The sinner stays below.

‘Tis my heath that worsens now,
Though for death, I hold no fear.
A dying angel’s words did allow
My heart hope, through the years.

And ev’ry day I thank God
For the mercy which He did lend.
I hold to the right as an iron rod
From the path, I scarce do bend.

And the path, once dark and strange
Now shines brighter than the day,
For my love did give my heart a change
And a lamp to light my way.

On occasion, I must rest
While others laugh and mock,
For in solitude I am not my best,
And the road is hard to walk.

Though time has passed, my heart
Still sits, lame as before,
But yet will walk and dash and dart
When with her stay I evermore.

Someday, in the grave, will I lay down,
Then I will ne’er be alone.
The bells shall clang out joyful sounds,
And she will bring me Home.


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