Rehab for Hunger | Relapse 3.5

Doc says I should start writing down my thoughts,

Says it might help me to find the root of my problems and in turn, the road to recovery.

Well, last night, I let old habits visit me and I woke up,

To the knowledge of just how far I've fallen from the path of righteousness

I am struggling beneath the big boot that is God

“I am, sorry for not resisting the temptation to feel wanted”

Quote end quote like that exactly.


It takes, more than just candy-coated sugar-coated medicinal infused pills

To erase six years of debasement

Six years of self-mutilation

Six years of helpless, psychology isolation

I am, sorry for not resisting the temptation to feel wanted

Sorry for not resisting the temptation to feel wanted

To be needed to be felt up like clay beneath an artist's fingers

Quote end quote like that exactly like that.


Sometimes your creations wonder why you even bothered.

If you, knew that I would fall like

So many children from the monkey bars why did you bother?

If you knew, that I would crumble like

So many bricks from a weathered wall

Why did you bother?


I am struggling to decipher the difference between reality and love

I am, struggling with the conclusion that sex, simply isn’t enough

And Hunger, is not the term to describe my problem but lust

Lust, lust…lust...


They say, the first step to recovery is admittance

So, I really am sorry,

But I simply just don’t know how to stop.




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