Where Have I Gone?


United States
44° 13' 8.022" N, 123° 18' 52.218" W

Wasting away.
I run at any sign
of someone trying to
talk me out of my nonsense.
I'm so deep within the black
that the white seems hideous.
I've faltered in my faith.
I'm a dirty sinner.
I'm a walking time-bomb
and I can't do anything to change it.
I'm sorry I'm so messed up.
You guys don't deserve my issues.
You deserve a good kid.
You say I'm only sixteen
and have time to do everything over,
but it's not true.
I'm done for.
Where have I gone?
Is it really so far away
that I can't find myself?
I'm so lost.
I can't see.
Where am I?!
I can't get out!
Save me!
Help me!
What do you mean it's too late?
I take everything back.
I'm drowning.
I can't breathe.
Why is everyone walking away?
I guess I'm not worth it after all.


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