All I need is You and My Island

Somebody once said No Man Is An Island,

But I'm on this Island immersed in desolation without you,

For all I need is you, my love, no matter where the Island floats,
No matter how much the Sun laughs that I'm no longer with you,

Come to my Island, explore every rock, every ledge and every shore, submerge

yourself inside the roots of this Eerth, look at how beautiful it is.

Do not sail away again for I won't know where you've gone,

The Wind will search for you, but only whisper the echo of my cry for your name.

You're the air that I breath, the fertile soil of my Island, the spring beneath the rock;

I am bound to this land and I've got nowhere to go.

The night and the still sound of the Ocean waves understand my pain,

The Moon cries next to me and the Trees sing her name.

The night begans to fill with stars to soothe my loneliness.
Fall from the sky on this starry night into my Island, my love, for all I need is you.

The Moon and stars give no meaning to time, waiting for your Sail to return,

They know all I need is you, my love; for you are my Island. 

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