Mon, 05/06/2013 - 11:16 -- D.J.P


United States
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The truth of forgiveness is a loving embrace:
once seeming lost, warm radiant beheld
of passive serenity gathered its force.

An ember of passionate withdrawal sterilized
by a present of chilled sobering thought,
pensive mood elaborated cold squirmy topic dead...

Why must the face remain hidden of a veil,
featureless sly mischievous grinning,
disappear nymphlike giggling in darkened glade?

And must strange unfamiliar separation sustain,
a distance cruelly enacted by pitiless bony hand
of scaly searflesh demonites?

Each beckon to love again drenched inevitable
in blankfaced reluctance of cautious tedium,
scared hesitation of self-manipulation,
and deep shining void of limitless longing.

Bemoaning fate, my childsoul wistfully thrashed alone in its starry cradle.


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