Wide-eyed, glassy stare

Dazed and confused

Reeling, recoiling

from possible 



Windmills, grassy fields


Set upon in flames

from those leaders

Proven impolitic 


Ancient laughs, modern tears

A cry unheard


no one pities

The human animal 


Innocent way of life

A prize once held


you're not as good

As you thought you once were


I stand, contemplative

Oh! where art thou?

Thinking, wondering,

these planks of wood...

How did it come to this


Nerves worn thin, exhausted

Hark the piper

Reading my last song

to crowds betrayed

And evil I've flirted


King taken, world shattered

I close my eyes

And see the deserv'd,

feel the waiting,

Noose tighten round my neck


Foundered chance, sought unknown,

Lives sacrificed,


glowing grail;

Secret of its lure

This poem is about: 
Our world


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