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Dark and cold yet hot as the same time. That’s how I imagine it.

One big fiery pit. Lava spewing onto the surface of the sun.

Ghouls and demons.

Murderers and rapists and homicidal freaks and liars and do-badders all together.

All bunched up together walking through piles of rubble.

It’s a vast wasteland and yet there is never enough elbow room.

Always shoulder to shoulder with somebody….or something.

And the devil?

A myth. A myth long gone into the past. Or at least that’s what the voice says. The voice never leaves your head. The voice is and isn’t God. It has all of God’s qualities and yet He Himself would never be caught “dead” down here. But Lucifer, he is not here. We don’t see him anyway. He is tantamount to the wizard of OZ except he doesn’t give you courage. He doesn’t give you the smarts to see what was within you all along. And he certainly does not take you home….wake you up to your home. You don’t get to wake up.

But you do get to meet Lucy...

Lucy is a phony.

Not nice at all.

Lucy take my toys.

Punctures my ball.

Lucy pushes me down into a well.


Lucy makes  vultures sing.

Lucy makes babies screech.

Lucy makes me cry.

Lucy kills my mother.

Lucy buries my father.

Lucy burns down my house, calls the police, tells them it was me.

Who is Lucy? 



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