Renaissance by Glena M. Waterhouse

Once upon a time,

Darkness prevailed,

Lonliness ensued me,

Despair chased away hope.


Once upon a time,

My heart was a "black hole,"

Questioning my existence,

"How can I go on?"


Once upon a time,

My teers ran freely,

Tears of pain,

Tears of longing.


Once upon a time,

On a beautiful spring day,

I found the inner power,

To bare all and pray.


God send me an angel,

To fill my lonely life,

Yes, God send me an angel,

To help bear my strife.


The angel spoke to my heart,

Filled me up with a new hope,

Reminded me I was never alone,

Yes, now I know I can cope,


You ask  me now,

"How do you hear them speak?"

Then you aske me how,

For you know your faith is weak.


Well, my friend,

It's not so hard after all,

Just have a pure heart,

And I promise you'll never fall.


Open your heart to love,

Give away your fear,

Never falter on faith,

And your angels will always be near.


Yes, Once upon a time,

Is never, no more.

For I am in a renaissance,

And all my life can do now is soar!

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Our world


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