My Eternal Thoughts


I think about it every time,
It's all I think about,
How to kill; and when to kill,
Knife of rope?
I search for a blade to slit the ever flowing blood; cascade,
It leaves me un-whole; tattered; and small,
It tears at my heart,
I think I am unworthy of life,
Whence time it comes to me,
I drop the blade and dart from the scene,
I wish I could muster the strength to cut the rope and end it this day,
I want to tell the world that this is unhealthy,
And to offer these words to encourage that life is worth it.
I know how the world can harden your heart,
To leave it unwhole,
I was bullied day after day,
That is how I became this way,
I left reasoning and took up deceiving,
To look only on despair,
Thence I have gone to hospitals thrice,
And I leave deception to the thieves,
They were my captors, those who ridiculed me.
I've shown them,
With help I have overcome the wanton need for despair,
Replacing it with hope,
You to must get the support you need,
Here's my advice take the help anyone trustworthy gives you,
I now love too much,
So glad am I,
To have been saved!


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