A Way Out

Mechanical gears grinding in a damp room beneath the surface

Metal on metal , ear piercing racket , the noise resonates within 

Yet remains muted from above

A lady, young and collapsing within, shoveling coal into the hearth

She satisfies the beasts' hunger, she is here to feed the machine

It's thirst is unquenchable, her face is hidden behind a dusty hood

Raven black hair spills out from the cloaked mass, 

it cascades down endlesley to her frail waist

A faint glimmer of light catches my vision in the murky place

Rusted chains grasping at her wrists and ankles

Following the chains to see where they may lead me

I enter a very small room, the air is heavy

It feels as though I am being watched but I am

entirely alone 

My eyes scaled the twisting chains until they stop

They are attatched to nothing

She is attatched to nothing


I make haste back to this beautiful, broken creature to tell her of my findings

I return to find her




She has taken her own life 




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